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complaint against lawyer advocate by atur chatur

If you want to file complaint against your lawyer or advocate then you must contact atur chatur so that right way of addressing such complain against an enrolled barl council advocate can be done.

how to make a complaint against a lawyer

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50 selected opinions of the disciplinary committees of bar councils

There are different types of advocates enrlment like bar council of india, state bar counsil, bar council of supreme court, bar council of high court, high court and supreme court bar associations.

So, in order to file a complaint validly against a counsel or advocate or your family lawyer you must follow the legally or technically valid procedure.

Is there any Procedure for complaints against advocates « The Bar Council of India asks and sets up Complaints & Grievances | Bar Council of Delhi where sometimes they dismiss the complaint or, where the proceedings were initiated at the instance of the State Bar Council, direct that the proceedings be filed; reprimand the advocate; suspend the advocate from practice for such period as it may deem fit; remove the name of the advocate from the State roll of advocates.

So, question arises and therefore aturchatur suggests how to file complaint against an advocate - FREE LEGAL ADVICE for those who really need it. Hence, atur chatur provides free consultation on email regarding how to file complaint against an advocate - Free legal answer from top rated lawyers may not be provided but still guidance as to What is professional misconduct of advocates?
How do you make a complaint about a lawyer?
What is the disciplinary committee?
What is State Bar Council of India?
Where can I file a complaint against an advocate similarly, Complaint against a lawyer can also be found at Lawyersclubindia and therefore, someone asked atur chatur filing complaint against advocate or lawyer for his false 498a, false DV cases that, Can I file a case against him in Bar Counsel. It is very clear that this man has clearly violated multiple etiquets laid out by the cousel for lawyers.
Criminal complaint against an advocate - Criminal Law or Bar council jurisdiction for complaint against advocate asks that whether entertain or not to entertain a complaint against an advocate, is within jurisdiction or where an attorney also happens to be an advocate, the complaint will be transferred to relevant bar council of state concerned.

So, How to file a complaint against my lawyer in India is no longer a tricky question as aturchatur sir provides help with it, someone asked as folloows:-
Hello, I filed several cases on Lawyers. Generally they would not fight but come for a compromise or settlement hence most of lawyers or advocates would not fight but come for a compromise. Please go thru below link How to file a complaint against an immoral Advocate and Complain to BAR Council Against a Lawyer

There are DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS, COMPLAINTS, REVISIONS, REVIEWS etc (Complaints against Advocates and Procedure to be followed by Advocates Act or with Supreme Courts Act

therefore, Where Can I File a Complaint Against My Lawyer? answer is provided with atur chatur type consultants who are brilliantly involved in respect therefof with past experience of omplaint against unethical or corrupt lawyer who is biased and connives with opposite party i.e., the wife of the husband vicitm of false cases.

Most lawyers do their most to provide the best representation possible. However, every so often lawyers do not act properly or make serious mistakes. Therefore, Bar Council was asked about complaints against advocates u/s 35 of advocates act and the Bar Council was asked about complaints against advocates u/s 35 of associations are also constituted under a Parliamentary law & have a grievenace redressal procedure.