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complaint against lawyer advocate by atur chatur

If you want to file complaint against your lawyer or advocate then you must contact atur chatur so that right way of addressing such complain against an enrolled barl council advocate can be done.

how to make a complaint against a lawyer

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There are different types of advocates enrlment like bar council of india, state bar counsil, bar council of supreme court, bar council of high court, high court and supreme court bar associations.

So, in order to file a complaint validly against a counsel or advocate or your family lawyer you must follow the legally or technically valid procedure.

Is there any Procedure for complaints against advocates « The Bar Council of India asks and sets up Complaints & Grievances | Bar Council of Delhi where sometimes they dismiss the complaint or, where the proceedings were initiated at the instance of the State Bar Council, direct that the proceedings be filed; reprimand the advocate; suspend the advocate from practice for such period as it may deem fit; remove the name of the advocate from the State roll of advocates.

So, question arises and therefore aturchatur suggests how to file complaint against an advocate - FREE LEGAL ADVICE for those who really need it. Hence, atur chatur provides free consultation on email regarding how to file complaint against an advocate - Free legal answer from top rated lawyers may not be provided but still guidance as to What is professional misconduct of advocates?
How do you make a complaint about a lawyer?
What is the disciplinary committee?
What is State Bar Council of India?
Where can I file a complaint against an advocate similarly, Complaint against a lawyer can also be found at Lawyersclubindia and therefore, someone asked atur chatur filing complaint against advocate or lawyer for his false 498a, false DV cases that, Can I file a case against him in Bar Counsel. It is very clear that this man has clearly violated multiple etiquets laid out by the cousel for lawyers.
Criminal complaint against an advocate - Criminal Law or Bar council jurisdiction for complaint against advocate asks that whether entertain or not to entertain a complaint against an advocate, is within jurisdiction or where an attorney also happens to be an advocate, the complaint will be transferred to relevant bar council of state concerned.

So, How to file a complaint against my lawyer in India is no longer a tricky question as aturchatur sir provides help with it, someone asked as folloows:-
Hello, I filed several cases on Lawyers. Generally they would not fight but come for a compromise or settlement hence most of lawyers or advocates would not fight but come for a compromise. Please go thru below link How to file a complaint against an immoral Advocate and Complain to BAR Council Against a Lawyer

There are DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS, COMPLAINTS, REVISIONS, REVIEWS etc (Complaints against Advocates and Procedure to be followed by Advocates Act or with Supreme Courts Act

therefore, Where Can I File a Complaint Against My Lawyer? answer is provided with atur chatur type consultants who are brilliantly involved in respect therefof with past experience of omplaint against unethical or corrupt lawyer who is biased and connives with opposite party i.e., the wife of the husband vicitm of false cases.

Most lawyers do their most to provide the best representation possible. However, every so often lawyers do not act properly or make serious mistakes. Therefore, Bar Council was asked about complaints against advocates u/s 35 of advocates act and the Bar Council was asked about complaints against advocates u/s 35 of associations are also constituted under a Parliamentary law & have a grievenace redressal procedure.



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The story of a client is being listed here for your kind perusal as follows:-

ATUR CHATUR suggested a client (harassed husband) to file "Proxy Counsel Fraud" against a family court judge if he feels like because the FCJ allowed a Proxy Counsel to appear on behalf of the husband in the maintenance case filed by his wife. And this Proxy Counsel was never sent by the husband. That was just an unethical trick played by the wife or her counsel to move the case ahead (exparte) against the husband and to file execution against the husband to put the husband behind the bars or to put the husband in great financial hardships because once a maintenance order is passed against a husband then the husband needs to deposit 50% amount in court in order to challenge such false or unethical or perjurous order.

It is worthwhile to mention here that, this wife claimed her husband's to be 45,000 before Supreme Court of India but while filing Maintenance she claimed her husband's income to be 3,00,000. Hence, even if she succeeded in getting Maintenance order of Rs. 90,000 per month then her husband needs to pay 50% i.e., Rs. 45,000 per month as maintenance to his wife just to challenge. SO THERE WERE SEVERAL UNETHICAL PRACTICES GOING ON.

This husband was suggested by atur chatur to NOT to send any lawyer but just to send an UNETHICAL PRACTICES & CHANGE OF ADDRESS representation to the court but husband did NOT followed that. He sent a lawyer in the court in Kerala. Husband is from Hyderabad. It is pertinent to mention here that, Wife's Maintenance got dismissed in May 2017 and wife filed Restoration citing that she was unable to come due to bla bla reasons and wife did NOT sent NOTICE OF APPEARANCE to husband at his current address and this wife very well knew the current address of the husband.

Just see how this lawyer connived with the Opp party and sent such an email to the husband as follows:-

Dear Mr.Mathews
Good day to you

As you are well aware our understanding was to appear  for you  if any submissions  are made against you " that you are deliberately avoiding the service of notice  and that you should be set exparte as you have served  the notice in your  address or your name called  to set you exparte

But in court nothing like this happened. So normally it would have adjourned asking the petitioner to pay fresh Batta  in your correct address. Only when the proceedings received in the evening i came to know  that the case is posted for filing counter and hearing. This is  a mistake committed by the court.  When  the case was called two advocates were represented  for the petitioner.  Unfortunately court presumed  one is for  you.

We can deal it  in two ways

1) We can appear  and file counter 

2) We can ask some  more  time for  filing  counter stating your illness.  In that case you have  to produce documents supporting your illness.

3)  Just go on as  the notice  is not  served upon you. Let the court  make its decisions without  hearing you. So  that will  be sufficient  ground to set aside  the order. When you get notice of any proceedings of the court at that time only appear and file  petition to set aside  any order made behind  your back.

its upto you to make any of the above  choice. Please take advise of some  other counsel also.

Thanking  you

With regards

Just see how this lawyer made a fool of the husband. He has written, "you are deliberately avoiding the service of notice"
By saying this, this lawyer has through email record, taken the proof regarding the husband himself deliberately avoiding serving of notice. So, even if the order is passed against the husband he can not say that he has no idea about the court proceedings because that lawyer can connive with opp party and give that email evidence to the opp party. And this email evidence will very well proof that the husband has been deliberately avoiding service of summons. Two law points or two maxims under law are worth noting here viz.,
(a) refusal to accept notice is as good as served, and
(b) ignorance of law is no excuse

Further, this lawyer protected the judge from "proxy counsel fraud"done by that judge on earlier occasion. He has written "This is  a mistake committed by the court.  When  the case was called two advocates were represented  for the petitioner.  Unfortunately court presumed  one is for  you."
By saying that, this lawyer protected the judge from proxy counsel fraud.
But aturchatur can here also help the husband because this is yet again proxy counsel fraud and not just mistake because:-
(a) there is no counsel appointed by client
(b) there is no vakalath signed by the husband
(c) proxy counsel is a term NOT there in the advocates act or in the supreme court act either.
Anyways, that is a separate matter, but by bringing that on email record with husband, that lawyer made a strong evidence against husband because the husband now knows about the court proceedings.

Furthermore, the lawyer trapped the husband by moving the court proceedings against him and by telling lies to the husband. He has written, "Only when the proceedings received in the evening i came to know  that the case is posted for filing counter and hearing". 
This lawyer or advocate lied before the client in several ways:-
(a) how he came to know about the proceedings in the evening when he is not the appointed lawyer.
(b) how is that possible that despite he himself sitting in the court didn't get information about court proceedings and came to know about that in the evening
(c) this is a family court where even the lawyer needs to be appointed on vakalath then how can he receive court proceedings legally from judge without that vakalath. There is a procedure called "FILE INSPECTION" and that can be done either by party-in-person or by appointed lawyer. No one else is allowed to access such court proceedings of a family court.
Husband id trapped also because:-
(a) He has informed client through email that next date is fixed for filing counter and hearing.
So, now the husband can NOT claim that he didn't received notice because this email evidence proves that the husband had full knowledge of the court proceedings.

Now, this lawyer protected himself also. He protected himself from action by BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA by saying some words. He has written, "its upto you to make any of the above  choice. Please take advise of some  other counsel also."
So, now the lawyer has shifted the burden on the client. He has suggested him to take the help from other counsel also i.e., he has relieved himself from the unethical practices by putting all the blame on the husband and he has also taken out entry through those lines written in the email.

Just see friends, how a lawyer or advocate can trap you even if you are innocent so it is advisable to fight these false cases yourself by keeping full faith in your wordings. Because if any false 498a, false crpc 125 or false dv or false caw or false fir has been filed against you then you need to fight yourself party-in-person without relying on anyone else.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"

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